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Local energy sources for panel houses


In panel houses, significant reduction in energy costs can be achieved when remote heat supply is replaced by the installation of either own heat production facility or a co-generation unit (a facility producing both electricity heat).

Who can benefit?

Generating energy locally can substantially reduce costs for owners and tenants of homes in panel houses. The savings are achieved not only through elimination of losses of heat in transport from remote plant, but also through offering the means to measure and regulate the operation of the system.

What are the advantages?

  • High energy efficiency
  • Production of both electricity and heat
  • No maintenance downtime necessary
  • Low running costs
  • Low heat loss

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Why choose co-generation?

Co-generation is a way to reduce costs.

  • Co-generation makes use of waste heat generated in the production of electric energy.
  • Energy efficiency of co-generation units exceeds 90%.
  • The electric energy produced can be used on-site, as well as sold on to the distribution grid.
  • Co-generation of electricity is subsidised by the government

Uses of co-generation

Wherever you want to reduced energy costs, co-generation units can be installed:

  • Industrial facilities, heating plants
  • Breweries, energy production centres
  • Hospitals, medical institutions, nursing homes
  • Hotels and other types of accommodation
  • Centrally heated appartment blocks, swimming pools
  • Family houses 


August 12, 2013

rayo logo 150Reducing energy costs in panel houses

RAYO launches its Programme of reducing energy cost in panel houses. RAYO can finance and build faciliy for local porduction of heat and electricity for your house.

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